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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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weekend. good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 30. a wet friday. i'm michelle griego. >> it's a mess out there, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. we have cbs 5 reporters all over the bay area for you this morning. cate caugiran is down in south san francisco. anne makovec braving the elements in mill valley and elizabeth wenger is watching the impact on your commute but we start with meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center. it is a doozy. >> it is. some kind of storm out there now. in fact, we're seeing some very heavy rainfall and some strong gusty winds showing up outside. at this hour we have another strong line of storms loving through. we had one earlier in the night but now the secondary wave is coming through and you can see on doppler radar lots of yellow out there. san jose it is seeing some showers right now, some heavier rain earlier. that's soon going to be picking up. you can see north in sunnyvale that we have some stronger storms that will be sliding in your direction. so if you are heading out be careful. we have the rain and some pockets of heavy rainfall into
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oakland, stretching across the bay into south san francisco. a little further to the north we can see the back side of the storm system. we mentioned the possibility of flooding in petaluma. they are seeing very heavy downpours right now. expecting some flooding along the penngrove stream there. so that's expected to rise as more of that water comes down the hill so some very stormy weather there. mill valley a strong cell headed there. flash flood watches up for much of the bay area. they have been extended for the weekend. we have a lot more rain to come. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> if you can leave later for your morning commute, gosh, it is just a mess in a lot of spots all across the bay area. use mass transit. one of our biggest hot spots now continues to be the area around the dublin interchange. you can actually see on our camera those flashing lights. that's all lanes blocked on westbound 580 approaching 680 near the dublin interchange. some traffic is able to squeeze by on the right-hand shoulder but we have seen backups since early this morning after this big rig accident happened. let's go to our maps for the
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drive time across the stretch more than 20 minutes. 23 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 but again that real bottleneck is through the dublin-pleasanton area. more reports of downtown wires downed trees in fact all lanes are blocked in both directions of 84 in woodside between grandview and 35. we have wind advisories on about every bridge in the bay area including across the golden gate bridge. you can see conditions are slick. and yeah we just got lots of reports of different spinouts, ponding in lanes and windy conditions, as well. you can see it a little earlier in our 880 camera. usually when the winds pick this up camera rocks back and forth. you can see it there. north- and southbound 880 so far at the limit. in the north bay where the rain has been falling the hardest cotati mud slide approaching northbound 101 approaching railroad avenue. so we are going to continue to let you know about mass transit all throughout the morning. so far no delays. that is traffic.
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back to you guys. >> thank you. right now flooding has shut down parts of the great highway in san francisco. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran live at ocean beach where the rain is coming down. take it away, cate. >> reporter: doesn't look like it's going to stop soon. as far as the great highway was concerned when i spoke with the police officer at the intersection of the great highway and sloat he says they expect that highway to be shut down throughout the entire morning because of flooding. the coast is just getting all of it. this neighborhood is completely lights out right now. we ran into a pg&e worker who says about 250 customers are without power here in ocean beach and you can see his truck down the street. we have been watching him move from basically light post to light post trying to restore power quickly to the area and we have seen a few lights go back on here but there is one stretch of homes out here where it's completely lights out.
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so the power is out here along the coast. we are expecting sustained winds up to 35 miles an hour with gusts up to 50 miles per hour and along the coast we're expecting swells of 14 to 16 feet. so again, frank and michelle, the coast is really getting all of it. we are getting the rain, wind, flooding and power outages. so i know that all the crews here are on high alert in anticipation for whatever mother nature is going to bring. but we will continue our storm coverage. i know it's wet out here. but i'm sure it's the same situation out in mill valley where my colleague anne makovec is. anne, how are you holding up over this? >> reporter: well, it is wet up here as we have been talking about this morning. and it is windy, as well. it just died down. but we are getting these very strong gusts and they have been blowing our truck around. you can see a lot of areas very big puddles. this is a ditch here near this park and ride in mill valley. this area often gets flooded because it is right at sea
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level. in fact, they have part of it even blocked off here so people don't park in areas that would be affected by flooding. nothing too bad is going down as we speak but we are on the lookout for falling trees. the ground is so saturated from the rain that we have had over the past 24 hours. it is a possibility with strong winds. back live now in mill valley, the wind starting to kick up as we speak. let's go back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. more storm damage and power out. santa rosa city schools will decide whether to cancel classes today. 300 customers are in the dark in san francisco. the peninsula has 4900 customers. they don't have power. the south bay has 4,000 customers without power. 8200 customers lost power in the north bay and there was
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lightning at sfo just about two hours ago. the storm is pelting that area with rain as well wind and some of the wind are up to 54 miles per hour. flights in and out of san francisco will likely be delayed longer than normal this morning with some cancellations possible. oakland and san jose airports have no delays just yet. but they could. the best bet is to contact your airline prior to heading over there. send us your storm photos. if you have video, tweet it, facebook it or email us at and we'll share it later. you can get live hi-def doppler from your neighborhood anytime at it's not the weather that kept planes grounded in southern california. it's the lights. a number of flights scheduled to depart from burbank bob hope
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airport were canceled after a mechanical failure knocked out the lighting system on one of the runways. arriving planes were forced to use a different runway but there were still some delays on flights from the bay area to burbank. >> frustrating because i think the lights were out before we actually boarded the plane. and they didn't tell us. they thought they were going to be able to get over there, fix it and they would be done. >> we just checked with the airport and they are still trying to get the lights working. it's up to the individual airlines to decide if they want to use the airport. 5:07. a 13-year-old girl in mountain view recovering from a sexual assault. police say two teens and an adult male are under arrest and found the girl drunk near castro elementary school wednesday night. there was some bruising on her back. according to the police, the suspects were drinking with the victim at someone's home before that assault. and police seized a large a synthetic drugs during raids in
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fremont. officers collected spice, salvia and bath salts from two smoke shops and arrested two shops. a vallejo rapper on the run since april has been arrested in las vegas. michael lott will be brought to sacramento to face federal drug trafficking charges. investigators say lott is associated with "thizz" entertainment. in april, agents arrested 25 people connected to the label accused of selling drugs. fans say they are disappointed. >> because what he is saying i can relate to. >> if you are being unjustly charged, then that's very unfair. >> investigators are still trying to track down two more rappers linked to the alleged drug ring. by the afternoon we should know whether the united states supreme court will take up california's same-sex marriage debate next year. the court due to post a list of cases that it plans to review next year. if prop 8 is on the list it would likely be decided next summer. but if they don't hear it an
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appeals court ruling against prop 8 would stand. >> that's the key question. is it going to be up to the people who have their voices heard and respected at the ballot box or is this going to be something snatched from them by judges, i.e., the ninth circuit? >> it's historic for the court to be making a ruling of any kind in this case and we are confident of success. >> if the court rules on the case a ruling will probably come sometime next june. both sides dig in on the "fiscal cliff." the president hits the road. >> will the powerball winner step forward? new surveillance video of the man who may have matched all the numbers. >> wind, rain and waves too. a powerful storm making its way through the bay area. where it's headed coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, we have a look at hi- def doppler right now. it tells the story. a massive slow-moving storm right over the bay area right now. the yellow areas are some of the heavier cells and a lot of that up in the north bay right now. flood warnings in sonoma county it's a mess. if you can stay home good day to stay indoors.
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>> no kidding. >> this morning on the bay bridge i had two hands on the steering wheel because the wind was kicking in. >> this is no doubt about it, it is a horrible commute. we have three traffic alerts. we continue to get new flooding reports including sfo. we'll get to all of it in just a minute. in the meantime, let's go out towards el charro. hopefully you can see that westbound 580 ride. it looks like our camera is just cutting it off but there is an accident approaching the dublin interchange all lanes remain shut down at westbound 580. so they are cleaning up some sort of oil spill in the area. it's a big rig accident there since about 1:50 this morning. and right now traffic is able to get by on the right-hand shoulder. but it's backed up to livermore and pleasanton. and they are saying about 6:00 when they are going to hopefully reopen lanes. let's go towards the bay bridge. you can see cars making splashes this morning especially in the middle lanes where it tends to puddle the fastrak lanes so you can see it is wet and slick and yeah we have high wind advisories in effect for pretty much all our bridges. as michelle just mentioned it's going to be windy, as well.
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here's a live look across the san mateo bridge, caltrans has warning signs up. you can see that there in the distance. this is westbound 92. eastbound 92. so far no major problems across the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city. all right. let's go to our maps and other live traffic cameras. we'll show you what else is going on. i mentioned flooding reports. this just came in within the last few minutes by the airport. southbound one a couple of lanes blocked due to standing water in the road and down by woodside a tree fell down knocked down some power lines in the area. both directions of highway 84 shut down between grandview drive and that area. also mud slide reported in lanes another traffic alert northbound 101 approaching railroad avenue. so at one point all lanes were blocked. now just that far right lane that's blocked. but it is pretty slow in the area. elsewhere here's another live look across the golden gate bridge. the north bay is getting pounded. so be extra careful if you are driving across the golden gate from marin towards petaluma.
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southbound one looks okay right now across the span. they did some lane changes coming towards doyle drive. and a quick note mass transit nothing to note. mass transit would be a great option today. all bart trains are so far running on time. all right. that is a check of traffic. let's get the latest on these storm conditions with lawrence. >> yeah. a fierce storm moving through the bay area. it's been stormy all night. we have seen gusts over 50 miles an hour along the golden gate bridge 48 at sfo, lightning strikes and all that rain. hi-def doppler is showing you the yellow and orange sliding a little further to the south now as this next strong band slowly works through. very heavy rainfall throughout the night. in parts of the east bay it's stormy. moraga, danville pockets of moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall in toward walnut creek. heavy rainfall also extending down into the south bay. flash flood warnings have now been issued in museum along the
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penngrove stream. expect flooding there. waters will continue to rise but we could see flooding elsewhere and a tremendous amount of rain in the last 12 hours or so. headed out the door this morning very wet and windy start to the day as we head through the day, though, this will turn to showers. and then storm number 3 moves in on saturday night. we have to keep our eyes on the possibility of more flooding on the way. here's a storm system moving through right now. very slow-moving system and that's been the big concern because it's slow-moving it is dropping tremendous amounts of rain. look at this. amazing! 7" of rain in venato. st. helena 4.5" of rain, lesser amounts as you get to san francisco and san jose. there is plenty more to come. you can see the storm moving through the bay area right now. we'll see a break still scattered showers but the worst will be done and then slide by still more showers on the way
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and then inside into sunday, here we go again. another strong storm drops into the bay area. chance of flooding will also be on the rise. flash flood watches will continue throughout the weekend into monday morning, as well. we could seat russian river in guerneville crest near flood stage toward monday morning. winter storm warnings in effect above 7,000 feet. another foot of snow up there. and gusting to 70 miles per hour. next couple of days here it is going to be wet and wild and be very careful. a lot of debris on the roads a lot of flooding and puddles on the road, as well. we might catch a break on monday and more showers on tuesday and wednesday but guys, it was so stormy knock out power. "karnow-polis" i was taking a shower with a flashlight! >> that could be dangerous. >> hair looks good. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] the united nations general assembly has given palestine nonmember observer status.
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palestinians celebrated yesterday following the 139 to 9 vote. the u.s. was among the small minority. secretary of state hillary clinton called the vote unfortunate and counterproductive for palestine's ultimate goal of statehood. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the vote meaningless saying it won't change anything on the ground. president obama hopes to generate support for his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff" at a pennsylvania toy factory today. on capitol hill, treasury secretary timothy geithner pitched the president's plan to house and senate leaders yesterday. it includes $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue and $400 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. but it doesn't look like geithner's visit did much to bring republicans and democrats any closer to agreement. >> the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> we are waiting for something specific from republicans to
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show they are serious on negotiations. >> if a compromise is not reached by year's end, automatic tax hikes and across- the-board budget cuts would take effect. former president george h.w. bush is expected to be released from the hospital sometime this weekend. he has been fighting bronchitis since the day after thanksgiving. the 88-year-old is said to be doing well though. good news there. doctors say bush's age and other health conditions have complicated his recovery but he is going to be just fine. well, one of the people holding a winning powerball ticket may be far away from where that ticket was sold. surveillance video from the store in maryland shows this man in a bright yellow outfit checking his lottery numbers and then showing off his ticket. the clerk says it was the winning ticket that was sold in arizona. meanwhile, the owner of the winning ticket from missouri will be revealed today but you can tell that guy is excited. showing off the ticket to his friends. >> i would run to my car and put it in a safety deposit box.
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>> no kidding. the next huge powerball jackpot could have a winner from california. powerball tickets will start selling in california april of 8 with the first drawing april 10. the state lottery commission voted unanimously to add the game. powerball could mean as much as $120 million a year in added revenue for schools. >> can you imagine a piece of paper that's word over half a billion dollars? >> i wouldn't show it to people. i would go, got to go! get in my car. >> and no communication with family. >> sweet. 5:20. a thriller in oakland comes down to a last shot for the warriors. >> plus football rivalry gone too far? what some airport workers are accused of doing to an opposing team's bus. >> a strong storm continues to move through the bay area. are you headed to the high country? be careful. here's your snow report: winter storm warnings up there. you will need the chains heading in that direction.
5:21 am
probably should wait though. northstar 7" of new snow. we'll have more on your local weather coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,
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stormy weather in the bay area, high winds and rain now making its way into san jose. and there's plenty more to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we have a lot of brim wind advisories in effect, flooding, downed trees, traffic alerts one in pleasanton blocking all lanes of westbound 580. much more on the busy morning drive coming up. a nail-biter at the coliseum in oakland with the warriors at home against denver. >> they within by this much. it went down it the last seconds. game. the nuggets down by one taking the ball out under the home bucket. the crisscross pass and desperate three. and watch it go in but look at the time. it had expired. ! they dodge a bullet. the warriors win 106-105. who did they beat? the nuggets. nice win for the warriors the play of the day is a
5:25 am
game long effort by new orleans. quarterback drew brees in the worst game of his career. he had a tough one against the 9ers last week, too. still, the falcons only one by 10 points. even though they got five picks. they win 20-13. before the game a rude welcome for the saints at atlanta's airport. >> someone threw raw eggs at the players. airport security has launched an investigation now. the players say airline workers launched the egging as the team boarded buses on the tarmac wednesday. >> i think a little hostility in the series is a good thing and -- and, if the fans are kind of getting into it maybe they went over the line a little bit. >> maybe a little. >> maybe. >> the airport's general manager says at this point it looks like three or four eggs were tossed by one or more airline workers on the tarmac. he says the airport will make sure it finds how the who was behind it and take appropriate action. >> and they lost the game. >> oh-oh. >> tough little couple of days
5:26 am
in atlanta. 5:26 now. we have some breaking news. reports of a fire in san francisco's outer sunset. we have a crew on the way. we'll have a report coming up. >> heavy rain, wind and flooding. we're covering all angles of the slow soaker moving through the bay area. >> it is both wet and windy here in the north bay. we have a live report where there has been some localized flooding. coming up next. ♪
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. most of the bay area is getting drenched this morning. you're looking live at mill valley right here. you can see some spots especially those low-lying spots are flooding a bit. this is in a parking lot. you can see a lot of flooding there and the wind is kicking.
5:30 am
>> you're going to see with anne makovec here in short order, as well. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 30. it's friday. >> yes. >> that's a good thing. >> we're excited about that. >> it is drenching out there right now. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. our exclusive high-def doppler radar hard at work this morning to show you where the storm is. a whole lot of green an yellow going on, as well. >> you can tell by this hi-def doppler here that it's raining over most of the bay area right now. and we have cbs 5 reporters all over the bay area for you this morning. >> anne makovec checking out flooding in mill valley, elizabeth wenger has your impact on the commute but we are going to kick it off with our meteorologist, lawrence karnow, who is in the weather center and a busy guy this morning. >> yeah. very busy guy. this is a severe storm making its way through the bay area right now. it's been stormy all night long with gust over 50 miles per hour taking down some trees and power lines and a tremendous amount of rainfall. and it intensifies right now. you can see take laying little bit more focus toward the south
5:31 am
as the storms continue to make their way into the san jose area. moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall here continuing to see that along the peninsula although tapering off just a little bit. showers continuing into san francisco. south san francisco and san mateo. and a little further to the east, still very, very stormy. you can see a pretty good line near concord right now of some heavier storms moving in that direction toward danville. strong winds as the cells roll through. on the back side a little break toward some of the north bay just more scattered showers now as the cold front pulls through. but we have seen a tremendous amount of rainfall overnight. we do have some flash flood warnings now in the city of petaluma. we are looking at the penngrove stream there cresting its banks. flash flood warning continuing until 6:15 this morning. this is going to be the case, flash flood watches in the bay area through monday morning. once it moves by we have more
5:32 am
storms on the way. more on that coming up. back to you. marin county has been taking a pounding all night and so has cbs 5 reporter anne makovec in mill valley where the rain is still coming down. how are you doing. >> reporter: it is. i'm very wet. i'm having trouble keeping my makeup on at this hour. it's going to be a long day. the water is receding. this parking lot i'm standing in has several inches in some spots. but it was a lot worse about an hour ago. check out this video we shot at about 4:00 this morning. large pools of water all over this parking lot. in fact, they have a lot of it blocked off. basically this is a park and ride where people can go to the airport, meet people from work. most of it is blocked off and not available for people to use today. this is something they're used to, though. this area is right at sea level. so that means when high tide comes up, that is when you see this kind of flooding. that's why we're seeing it recede right now. but the ground is wet here in this parking lot and all over the north bay -- really all
5:33 am
over the bay area. the problem we see with that combined with the heavy winds which we have seen a lot of this morning, is that things can start falling down like trees which can knock out power and damage obviously homes and cars. so we're watching out for that this morning. but so far, so good. live in mill valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. i hope she is careful out there. we are just getting word that lights are out on the bay bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. the upper deck of the bay bridge the lights are out. you can see this live shot here. wind advisories, there are wind advisories for golden gate, benicia and carquinez bridges. you want to be careful heading over the bridges this morning. >> we came over the bay bridge this morning and that wind was amazing just blowing. >> the rain started to let up a little bit so i thought, okay, this is pretty good and then the wind just hits you and -- >> take it slow. >> have to be careful. flood warnings have closed parts of the great highway near
5:34 am
ocean beach this morning. crews tell us that they expect the road between sloat and lincoln to be closed all morning. pg&e says the storm knocked out power to at least 250 homes in this outer sunset neighborhood. you can expect more delays at sfo today. the storm is pelleting that area with rain as well as wind reported up to 54 miles per hour this morning. and you can see the rain come down at sfo there. there was even a report of lightning there at about 3:00 this morning. flights in and out of sfo will likely be delayed longer than normal this morning with cancellations possible. so the best bet is to contact your airline ahead of time certainly want to do that before heading throughout. >> there's nothing worse than sitting at the airport. if you can avoid that and the commute this morning it's nasty. let's find out more about the roads because liz, you're a busy woman this morning. >> so is chp. they are working something like 50 different incidents all cross the bay area right now. so you guys just mentioned it. the lights are out. this just happened in the last few minutes. the lights are out at the bay
5:35 am
bridge. we are getting reports also at the san mateo bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. right now it's not impacting traffic much towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see no lights though all the way past those pay gates up the incline. let's check the san mateo bridge and see what's going on there. you can see westbound 92 is slick in spots. we have wind advisories by the way in effect for most of our bay area bridges this morning. and heading towards the south bay i believe we have a camera now near the guadalupe parkway. so guadalupe parkway and taylor there is a multiple car accident there blocking several lanes traffic stacked up. again, the problem is these slick roads and cars are just spinning out. so they are clearing them quickly. be careful. dublin interchange westbound 580 by 680 flashlights still in our camera. all lanes have been blocked on westbound five since about 1:50 or so this morning.
5:36 am
the problem is a big rig and it's spilled some oil in the area so the clean-up is what's taking a while to clear. more flooding reports southbound one near sfo. and once again, this traffic alert remains in effect from woodside all lanes blocked both directions of highway 84. we'll have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime back to you guys. >> thank you. something in high demand around the bay area right now. sandbags with nearly a foot of rain expected by the time the stormy weather ends, hopes and businesses are putting sandbags in place to keep those floodwaters out. in petaluma, the fire department is offering sandbags at hopper at lakeville streets. we would like to see your storm photos or video. send them to twitter, facebook or you can get hi-def doppler anytime at our website, and we are getting unconfirmed reports of a house
5:37 am
fire now in san francisco's sunset district. >> firefighters just arrive at 35th avenue near the san francisco zoo. people are being evacuated. cate caugiran was covering some of the flooding near and is now heading to that fire. she will bring us a live report shortly. we just check with the burbank bob hope airport in southern california. they are still trying to fix the lights on one of the runways there. a number of flights scheduled to depart from burbank were canceled after a mechanical failure knocked out those lights. arrivals -- this ended up using a different runway but there were still delays on flights from the bay area to burbank. in other news, the united states supreme court is due to reveal today whether it will take up california's same-sex marriage debate. this afternoon, the court is due to post a list of cases it plans to review in the coming year. now, the prop 8 case is on the list and would likely be decided by next summer but if the justices opt not to hear it the appeals court ruling
5:38 am
against prop 8 would stand. >> if the court denying the appeal and marriages resume, that's a huge historic day in california. if the court hears the case, we believe we'll have that huge historic day, it will just take place a little farther down the road next june. >> prop 8 supporters say if their appeal fails it would go against the will of the california voters. a vallejo rapper on the run since april is under arrest in las vegas. michael lott will be brought to sacramento to face federal drug trafficking charges. he is associated with "thizz" entertainment. in april agents arrested 25 people connected it the label accused of selling drugs -- connected to the labor accused of selling drugs. investigators are still trying to find two more suspects. the oakland city council could vote next year on a plan to beef up the police department. the proposed includes hiring civilians and some members of the sheriff's department to
5:39 am
assist police. it would also speed up the hiring of new police officers. teetering on the edge of the "fiscal cliff." why republicans are calling the president's new proposal a joke. >> it's been a favorite for foodies and tourists. the final decision on the fate of a bay area oyster farm. >> and keeping an "eye on the storm" here in the bay area. your getting a a live look right now at the golden gate bridge where the commute is rolling along. but there are some warnings, some wind warnings on the bridges. we have you covered all around the bay area weather-wise when we come back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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we are keeping an "eye on the storm" that's hitting the bay area right now. you can see on our hi-def doppler just the green and the yellow sections there. the rain is really coming down in the south bay. it's making -- creating a lot of problems in the bay area right now with some power outages. we are told right now that the upper deck of the bay bridge the lights are out and also on the richmond/san rafael bridge, the lights are out there. there are high wind advisories also at the golden gate, benicia and carquinez bridges. we'll get to liz and lawrence to update us on this storm in just a bit but first, another storm, superstorm sandy. it's had more impact on the economy. >> yeah. americans cut back on spending last month and their income stayed flat and with more on
5:43 am
that let's join ashley morrison of she's in new york city. ashley, are you there? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. yes. we're keeping our eye on the "fiscal cliff" this morning and the markets are changing as we speak. but earlier this morning asian markets rallied on gains by exporters and year end buying. tokyo's nikkei gained .5% to close out a 7 month high while hong kong's hang seng also rows .5%. on wall street, stocks ended modestly higher on homes of a budget deal and on encouraging economic reports. dow was up 36 on thursday. the nasdaq finished 20 points higher. and president obama presented his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff" to members of congress. the $4trillion plan includes $1.6 trillion in new taxes on upper income americans. $400billion in cuts to medicare and other entitlement programs. $50billion in stimulus spending and the end of congressional control over the debt ceiling. both sides remain at a standoff over the issue of raising taxes on higher income earners.
5:44 am
but the president said he will not sign any bill that does not include higher taxes for top earners. the white house is calling this proposal an opening bid but house speaker john boehner says no real progress is being made to reach a deal. could be an interesting day for us on wall street. >> i guess. they have a month to figure that out. in the meantime though there's a secret santa. i guess santa decide to do a little early work in the tri- state area, right? >> reporter: that's right. a so-called secret santa is giving away $100,000 in $100 bills to victims of superstorm sandy. a missouri man declined to reveal his name but he is carefully selecting his stops in new jersey and new york to avoid the mob scenes. he says it's not about the money but about random acts of kindness. if we can think of anything good coming out of this storm is seeing people doing these random acts of kindness for people. >> absolutely. >> it's a test on the
5:45 am
generosity of others. it's great to hear that there is a secret santa out there helping out. >> reporter: it is. i like that a lot. >> people hugging, handing out the $100 bills, nice gesture. ashley morrison of, thank you. a company that offers online deals is cutting about 10% of its workforce. washington-based living social made the announcement yesterday saying most of the 400 lost jobs are right here in the united states. times have been tough lately as we all know for companies like living social and its competitor groupon as the novelty of daily deals has worn off in the minds of a whole lot of consumers. it is 5:46. i don't know, i guess there's a lot going on with weather today, right? >> i thought lawrence was going to take the day off but decided to come. >> what a day it's been! and what a drive in to work today, very stormy. >> an interesting shower for you this morning. >> no power at my place. rough start to the day. out the door this is what we're dealing with right now.
5:46 am
hi-def doppler showing you all the yellows into the south bay. some heavy rainfall out there but i want to show you this line that's just now develop off the coastline right here. it doesn't look like a whole lot yet but it's starting to enhance, a little more yellow here. this is going to slam in along the peninsula later on so we're not done with the rain by a long shot. it will continue on and off through the weekend. be careful in san jose. flash flood watches up for much of the bay area. strong storms now near the pleasanton area right along the 680. watch out in toward sunol very strong storms developing there. and some very gusty wind. some of those gusts over 50 miles per hour this morning. flash flood warning has been issued in petaluma along penngrove stream there. looking at some flooding there. we're expecting that to crest and more water and the way. we're not done with the rain. we're going to see the possibility of some flooding through the weekend as we have some more stormy weather on the way.
5:47 am
so a very wet and windy start to the day. i it does turn to afternoon showers and a little break. storm three saturday night into sunday morning. any more rain could cause some flooding. the storm system is a slow mover sagging through the bay area right now and that's why it's caused tremendous amounts of rainfall. and in fact some places in the north bay how about this? over 7" of rain in the last 12 hours or so in the north bay. st. helena over 4.5" of rain, santa rosa almost 3" and lesser amounts further to the south. but still plenty more rain to come. all right. the focus is going to shift a little bit further to the south this morning with the line of storms moving on through. up into the santa cruz mountains you will see a lot of heavy rainfall. you start to catch a break turning showery. it's going to be showery through saturday and saturday night into sunday here we go again. another strong line dives through the bay area. so you get the idea, stormy weather on the way, flash flood watches staying up through monday. high country we are looking at winter storm warnings there in
5:48 am
the sierra nevada. above 7,000 feet could see upwards of another 12" of snow. and some gusts to 70 miles per hour. so if you are going to head up there be careful and, of course, take the chains. next few days, this stormy weather will continue on and off. the potential for flooding will continue right on in through the weekend. looks like we catch a break come monday. but more showers possible next tuesday and wednesday. boy, it is tough out there on the roads, elizabeth. >> i know. if you can stay home, do it. we are getting new problems just coming in. we'll get to the bay bridge in just a minute. first we'll talk about this traffic alert. westbound 580 blocked at the dublin interchange. super slow through pleasanton. we can't even calculate the drive time right now traffic at a standstill. at last check it was a half hour between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange westbound 580 lanes. but again, all lanes are blocked. there was an oil spill, big rig accident around 1:50 this morning. and they have never been able to reopen lanes. so they are out there now
5:49 am
trying to clean it up. they were hoping by 6:00 but in the meantime, huge backups right now as far back as the livermore valley. let's go to the bay bridge now. we just got word from caltrans, they are not going to be able to turn on the metering lights this morning. so the metering lights is what helps control the volume of cars on the upper deck of the bay bridge during commute hours. so this should be interesting to see what this does to the morning commute. the problem is the power outage. the lights are out at the bay bridge and at the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is actually a very dark look at the bay bridge from the view of our camera that's positioned on the roof of our cbs 5 headquarters here at battery and broadway so again, the lights are completely out this morning. no metering lights at the bay bridge. so again no big backups right now approaching the pay gates but we'll see what this does to traffic especially at the incline section and past treasure island a little later in the morning drive. elsewhere, we are getting flooding reports southbound 101
5:50 am
near sfo towards the airport. 24 traffic alert is in effect. cotati a mud slide northbound 101 approaching railroad avenue. coming up a check of mass transit. back to you guys. the federal government is ousting an oyster farm from point reyes ending a long environmental battle over that site. the family-owned drakes bay oyster company has operated in the marin county location since the 1930s. but the company's long run is ending because its federal lease to operate there ends today. environmental groups have fought for years to evict the farm and return the area to its natural state. >> there's a much, much broader effect to this wrong decision. it's 30 employees. >> the company now has 90 days, three months to cease operations and remove its property from park land. time now 5:51. a notorious california bank robber an prison escapee bus busted. >> the stupid move that landed
5:51 am
him back behind bars. >> plus the simple act of kindness that made a police officer an internet sensation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
if you are just waking up with us the power is out on the upper and lower decks of the bay bridge. we have just confirmed that. so we also have high wind advisories in effect. it is a very dark look across the span from the view of our roof camera. we'll let you know what this will do to the commute in and out of san francisco coming right up. plenty of heavy rainfall around the bay area, some strong gusty winds, hi-def doppler showing you that focus now heading a little further to the south. an urban and small stream flood advisory has just been issued for santa cruz. be careful. you could see more flooding there, as well.
5:54 am
a careless mistake sends a prison escapee back to jail. bart police arrested 40-year- old bouchon buchanon after he jumped the pay gate at the powell street station. marshals say he escaped from a prison where he was serving time for a bank robbery. also known as the by the book bandit because he bought this how-to book on bank robberies. reportedly an hour before his heist. okay. [ laughter ] >> it is 5:54. it was a simple act of kindness on a cold new york street but the photo of one new york officer's generosity is warming the hearts all over the world. an arizona tourist snapped this picture here. it shows a police officer giving a barefoot homeless man a new pair of boots. nearly half a million people have "liked" it on the department's facebook page. >> i just looked down at this gentleman's feet and could you see the blisters from a distance and it was so cold that i knew i had to do something. >> that he did. the homeless man said he had never had a pair of shoes and
5:55 am
smiled from ear to ear. the officer says he keeps the receipt by the way in his bulletproof vest to remind him there are always people who need a little bit of help. and he certainly rendered that. >> i love that story. >> really nice. i guess where he bought the shoes is close and the owner gave him half off. it's 5:55. coming up at 6 a.m. as liz said the lights are out on the bay bridge and it's having a big impact on the metering lights. we'll have team coverage on the storm pounding the bay area. >> the rain come downside ways now in the north bay. we are dealing with rain and wind. we'll check in on the conditions coming up next. >> and the supreme court makes a key decision today that could impact prop 8. ,,
5:56 am
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doppler shows rain soaking t of the bay area right now. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald well, get ready for a big
5:59 am
weekend washout. hi-def doppler showing rain soaking most of the bay area right now. >> the storm creating all kinds of problems. right now the lights are out on two bay area bridges. this is a live picture right now of the bay bridge. you can see it's in the dark on the upper and lower decks. sfo has major delays this morning. >> the metering lights are out as well which is going to cause problems for the commute. more on that coming up. but good morning, everybody. it's a wet friday, november 30th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. we have cbs 5 reporters all over the bay area for you this morning. anne makovec is checking out mill valley. >> she has been in some of the floodwaters up there. elizabeth wenger has the impact on your commute but we start with our weatherman, our meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center on what is a very wet friday. >> very stormy around the bay area. this storm no messing around. a very strong storm system heading through the bay area right now. hi-def doppler showing


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